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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A hilarious story of running into some nutty Christian -- 攪笑基督教趣聞

This guy, in this story, is an interesting person. In his youthful days, he made the mistake of getting himself involved with gangsters. He sold counterfeit CDs, sometimes involved in gang fights. However he later realized he could not go on living like that, he parted with the gangsters, learned some skills. Now he earned an honest living as a hairdresser.

This guy, I called KK, also liked to try bits of different spirituality, Chinese medicine, Qi Gong and acupuncture.

One time, his younger brother and the younger brother's girlfriend got invited to some Christian gathering, and he just went along. That's his story which I now tell and paraphrased in his point of view.

Oh...my brother and his gal just invited me to some kind of Christian thing...and I went. Oh.. there were a bunch of teenagers also there gathering, playing some sort of group games (and I fucking know..)
Then one teenager girl fainted. I just ran over and got her, took her aside to rest.
Her face was pale like a sheet, probably skipped meal for somethin' diet or the sort so she blacked out. Well I use some of ma knowledge in Chinese massage, acupuncture point massaging and Qi Gong and place by hand on her head and hand (you know I'm a guy, people might think of bad things about me if I touched her body)
The girl felt better, all good... then the preacher came over.... I thought he's goin to thank me...
Preacher: hey ya, what did ya do ?
Me: oh, I just massage her, to help her.
Preacher: what massage ??
Me: oh, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and sending some of ma "energy" to her
Preacher: what energy ???
Me: oh, my Qi Gong, so that she can feel better
I got a bit pissed off -- hey, this was one of yours, she fainted and you gi not a damn on her and now I helped her you came and nag me ???
Before I could even say another word...
Preacher: Satan!!! Away from me (hand gestures)
Me: What the fuck????
Preacher: Healing powers can only come from our Lord God Almighty!!! All others are Satan's work!!!
I was just shocked to my shit !!!! What were all this ?????
Preacher: come brothers, bring your Bible and gather here, lets read yada yada book Chapter X Verses YY ... let's pray and cast away Satan's servant !!!!
I hadn't seen such freak show in my life !!! I just helped one of your friends you call me Satan????
I decided that I had to get out of the place as I could not stay any longer or else I would go crazy too
I stood up and headed to the door and I heard the biggest bull shit in my life!
Preacher: Hallelujah!!!! Look, the power of our Lord God Almighty has casted away the servant of Satan. He cannot stand our chorus of prayers to the Lord and flee !!!
I just leave -- and I swear if I am a cop, I would have arrested all of them and put them in an asylum !!!!



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